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10 Tech tips on your next outdoor adventure: Montana and Glacier National Park

“I’ll make the acquaintance of the wild gardens and the glaciers and get as near to the heart of this world as I could.” – John Muir  It’s wonderful to know that there are so many places for me to quietly escape the masses, stroll for miles on a trail without seeing a soul, and sit up high to gaze across the range. Montana is magnificent, majestic and I sit at awe at its boundless beauty.  I immediately fall in peaks, creeks, brooks and meadows of The Crown Jewel of America, Glacier National Park. While exploring Montana, the land is vast and technology is sparse.  I was happy with was the limited cellphone coverage since that allowed me to unplug, unwind and fully be present in the moment. However, I’m such a digerati I had to still rely on some technology especially when it comes to having accessible maps and charged up batteries. Before heading on your next adventure here are some recommended tech tools you might want to download or prepare prior to leaving on your next adventure:

  1.  Solar charger – Always be ready with a handy solar charger, if you have one of the weatherproof models, its even better since it has been knowing to rain randomly. Goal Zero has a range of products that are very lifestyle friendly, it’s also the brand I use and would recommend.
  2. Two smartphone map apps - Google Maps (free) – make maps available offline. Must be done prior to tripand. Tom Tom – Offline maps.
  3. Back up your mobile phone prior to leaving and each time your have reliable internet connection to protect your priceless memories. iCloud is wonderful for times link these.
  4. Verify you have enough storage for your expected future usage on all memories cards and mobile devices. Your don’t want to miss a kodak moment or erase photos and videos that haven’t been backed-up. I tend to erase all the videos first since that frees up the most room for me.
  5. Save on mobile device’s battery life. Turn off auto-updates if your device has that setting, especially iPhone users. Lower the screen brightness, restarting your phone and completely closing apps that aren’t being used also help.
  6. Personal locator beacon- I use the highly rated ResQLink brand which lucky we have never had to truly use it, so I cannot attest to it’s true effectiveness. However, the tester button does work by sending your list of contacts an SMS. I verified it several times when from varying elevations and distances (from my contacts). * I highly recommend membership to and mountain insurance from the nonprofit American Alpine Club gives you great benefits for what could be a life-saving rescue.
  7. MountainAR – Fully enjoy the view you are taking in. Know the names of the mountains you are looking at and even its elevation. This only required me to have 1 bar of 4G cell coverage which just randomly happened to show up when I was on a vista overlook.
  8. Spotify – Pay for a membership, it will allow you to make your music playlists accessible offline. Very helpful when there is no or low cell coverage… Pandora doesn’t work and Montana radio coverage could be really spotty in rural areas.
  9. USB Multi-cable with FireWire – compact and handy, saves me a bit of mess without the excess cables. everything is in one place, which keeps me from misplacing various products. Works with my iPhone, camera and laptop.
  10. Camera Rentals - Rent photography equipment and test products such as lens that you were thinking of buying before you commit. I found Borrow Lens to be a great online resource for those who know exactly what they want to rent. Easy online ordering, delivery or local pick up . For those of who are novice, I recommend going to calling your favorite camera shop to see if they do rentals so you can go down and discuss your options.  Buying the rental insurance also helps which they could recommend also.

What didn’t work :

FireChat – I was very hopeful this “new way to chat: off-the-grid– even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone.” However, when I had no cellphone reception, I tried FireChat. I couldn’t log on because my phone had an auto-update for that app. And I needed connectivity to log in. Since the app logged out and I couldn’t remember my log in info. I had to wait until we found reception to figure it out.  I was also in low-density area with few people around so that required to get this to work. I am hopeful this future versions will work out some of these kinks since it’s a great technology.

Low tech tips:

  • Vibram – these five finger toe shoes were perfect for the water activities I did such as white water rafting and swimming in the glacier lake.

Global Good Games - flyer 1

Startup Tech: Lessons Learned – Part 1

Doing a startup you are truly passionate about is an amazing experience. It’s truly rewarding and I could see why entrepreneurs work so hard. They don’t consider it work when they are passionate about the business they are building.

Building a business is tough. Startup fundraising could be difficult for both women and men. Even your supporters and friends will show their true colors. Don’t take anything personally. Learn your lessons and move on. There’s no time to sit and lick your wounds.

Lessons learn:

  • When you walk with Quiet Giants, you need not fear wrestling with the 800 pound gorilla.
  • 800 pound gorillas are no match for a 100 wolves. It’s just a matter of time. Find your pack and start strategizing.
  • Follow the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.
  • Karma will pay you back tenfold. Live long enough you will see it all.
  • The devil is in the details – don’t let anyone rush or belittle you for your decisions.
  • The higher you climb, the harder you fall.
  • Honesty, sincerity and integrity are the hardest things to fake. People can see through the bullshit. True colors always show.
  • Be patient and listen intently. Ask the questions your gut is yearning to know. You learn more from listening and asking than you do speaking.
  • Communication is 70% non-verbal. Try to meet in person as much as possible. Look everyone in the eye to see their sincerity. Video chat would be a good option also. It’s not time consuming in the long run. Cleaning up a mess is. Trust your instincts.
  • Don’t take “NO” for an answer. Unless, your intuition tells you to run…always trust that.
  • Your reputation stays with you, especially in this day and age where privacy no longer exist.
  • Work hard and earn your keep, respect will be automatic. Those with skill need not boast or show boat. The quality of your work will speak for itself. We all reap what we sow.
  • Don’t associate with people who are Social Liabilities.  Disassociate yourself from anyone and everyone that your gut tells you to run from.
  • Be careful who you choose to do business with. Some people fear marriage but will jump into a business partnership quickly. Both of you could get fucked. At least with a marriage, you get laid.
  • You never know when people are vetting you. You never know what they will find when Google-stalking you.
  • Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes a while to truly know all the lessons you were meant to learn. It’s all worth it in the long run.
  • Learn your lessons or the universe will keep sending you more of the same until you are ready to receive the next lessons.
  • Some consider me weak and naive. Some consider me wise and tough as nails. It’s all a matter of perspective and perception. It’s not my business to worry about what others think of me.
  • Timing is everything. Follow-up with people as soon as you can. The early bird catches the worm.

Personally, my flaw is that I try to see the glass as half full vs half empty.  A good friend calls it “distorted reality.” I call it “augmented reality.” I choose to see the best in people, especially if they have potential. For this I have gained many life experiences and true friends. I also have been stabbed in the back and continuously bitten. Yes, once bitten and twice shy. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. There will never be a third. However, I refuse to let this taint it for the new people I meet and new experiences presented to me… for it will also limit the goodness in people and experiences I will truly enjoy.


Ladies of Launch3

Diversity and Women in Tech at the Launch Festival 2013

This year’s Launch Festival was a very interesting experience. Like previous years, Jason and the crew organized a great show. Brilliant pitches and launching companies with abundant opportunities. However, this year, what stood out to me, as a woman in tech, was that they had a “Diversity in Tech Panel” discussing gender issues facing the tech industry today. The panel had Freda Kapor Klein, Vivek Wadhwa, Danilo Campos and Adria Richards. Adria brought up the fact because she is female she isn’t given as much credit for what she knows but rather questioned. They brought up some great points about how we treat women differently and discriminate against them.  Wadhwa shared how he was questioned if he “was just trying to get laid” by defending women in the industry. He’s writing a book on women in tech currently. Please contact  Vivek Wadhwa (@wadhwa) if you have any personal stories to share.

I applauded the panel and the effort to bring this gender disparity to the surface. The Silicon Valley has been buzzing about this female revolution, especially with Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” International Women’s Day happening this Friday March 8th and the myriad of events surrounding women in tech.

My absolute favorite moment was when Jason publicly called out a booth who had hired booth babes, breaking the event’s rules. Via Twitter, Jason  said “kicked out as$&hole who broke booth babe rule–banned 4life! @nayafia: this booth upset me” I obviously was very happy to see this sexist behavior squashed, so I retweeted, started telling all my friends and female founders about it. The next morning, the same booth babes tried to enter the event and were denied. They asked, “why aren’t we allowed in? Is it because we are pretty and wear high heels?” Sorry it’s so complex to understand, but if one is hired to be there as booth decoration that’s a “booth babe” not sales, but maybe negative marketing and PR.

That morning, Jason made mention of the “No Stripper Rule” and how this upset him b/c they broke the rules, it demeans women and he wanted to keep the integrity of this BUSINESS event. I was the lone supporter loudly cheering in the middle of the room. My husband and brother were sitting a few rows behind me and heard all the comments from men about my “volume issues.” I’m not sorry and NO ONE can shut me up. Seems like some men didn’t agree with Jason, they liked the booth babes. They cheered everything else that Jason said though. I thank Aron Solomon for his tweet.

Aron Solomon 4 Mar
Seriously????? WTF. The whip is quite the added classy touch. #Launch2013 #fail pic.twitter.com/WzRx2myfqR
Out with the Booth Babes

There shouldn’t be sexual overtones in a professional setting. What was more appalling is that the founder/CEO is a woman. Shame on her for objectifying women. Thank you Jason for banning them from the event. We need more men in power to speak up about this bad behavior so we can effect REAL change.

Also at the event, there was a public pitch by a Singaporean startup, “YouCommentate,”  that was offensive. The statements were off-colored and sexist. Think SF losing the Superbowl, Charlie Sheen comments and other unrepeatable things. I was frustrated…ok fine….I was pissed.  Anyone who knows me, knows my close ties and love for Singapore. So I felt the need to publicly call them out on their bullshit. I named the company and gave all my unfiltered comments via Twitter. I called them out to meet me at “the blinking car” in the expo area so we could discuss this situation face to face. From the time it took for me to walk from my seat to the blinking car, I received a bunch of retweets b/c people agreed with my anger + a bunch of Singaporean responses since we all run in the same small tech circle.

I met with Ken McHugh and his partner from “YouCommentate.” We had a nice friendly discussion about their pitch. They were nice guys who got horrible advice on how to make their pitch more “edgy.” They apologized for their bad behavior and reinforced how they fully support the American 1st amendment of free speech so appreciated my comments.  Given their name “YouCommentate,” they knew it was coming. We walked away from the discussion understanding each other better and I posted updated tweets given the situation and so did Ken.

The next day, when I found YouCommentate and I introduced them to the billionaire Angel investor I was roaming around with. YouCommentate appreciated the opportunity to pitch to and receive feedback from the Angel. The Angel actually liked the product so they continued to chat. We walked away shaking hands and smiling. We have followed up with each other after the event also.

This motivated me to gather a few of the female founders for a photo opp on the last day. Then at last happy hour event on the last day, I asked the DJ to ask the female participants to gather on the stairs, so we ALL did. I don’t know the official count but we filled the stairs in the center. I wanted us to be counted because WE DO COUNT. In this world, you never know who you might piss off and how. The tech industry needs “sensitivity training”…that’s the key to true diversity. Given the current issues with Women in Tech in the Silicon Valley and internationally, I hope more men and women in leadership roles make immediate and lasting change since it’s long overdue. We need more females to Lean In, take leadership roles and NOT SHUT UP as they help other women succeed.


gavin newsom

What @projectglass could do for the #Citizenville Challenge – #ifihadglass to improve engagement and government functions

#ifihadglass I would develop an app to record+proximity report municipal complaints, crimes, concerns to go to the City for #Citizenville Challenge. Increase citizen engagement, improve safety & more timely resolutions.

Global Good Games would develop -  “MuniReports” or “Report2City”

  • Google has Streetview + Google Glass could record images and videos = Use app to do an accurate proximity report for municipal complaints, crimes, concerns
  • Govt to use app to triage resources to increase citizen engagement, improve safety & more timely resolutions.
  • Social – connect with proximity neighbors to petition for repairs or problem resolution. increase neighbor community interaction.
  • We could make it a game – gamify reality by acknowledging citizens that actively report valid issues that gets resolved could accrue points. Acknowledge publicly to increase intrinsic rewards for engaged citizens and neighborhoods. Increase neighborhood pride.

Here’s what inspired the idea. I love it when the stars align so perfectly.  Yesterday, Rebuilding Together San Francisco + meeting Mayor Ed Lee + Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom = move forward with Global Good Games! This goes perfectly for the gaming platform crowdfunding donations for the benefit of NGO’s… business plan we are working on.

Yesterday started off at a breakfast fundraiser “Then and Now” for Rebuilding Together San Francisco at WeWork. We discussed San Francisco rich cultural history and the demographic and ethnic change over the decades. Interesting to hear the reasons why. We looked at the current and future issues we are facing. Here are some highlights

  • Affordable housing and increasing demand with aging population but problematic given development and current market prices.
  • Never thought of it that way. Rent control increasing age discrimination. Landlords want younger tenants for higher turnover to be able to increase rent.
  • Single family homes are not the future for San Francisco. But we’d still have to grow 5x to be like NYC. Hmm, should we all look forward to 200 sq ft apartments?
  • “Affordable home ownership is a fraud” because it’s like winning the lotto for a flipper. Because “younger generation will figure things would figure things out.”

I was lucky enough to meet Mayor Ed Lee at the The Official City & County of San Francisco’s Lunar New Year Celebration 2013 at City Hall. He spoke about our changing demographic and ethnic diversity that makes each citizen an excellent contribution to this great city. He emphasized how we as citizens need to be more engaged with our city.

Afterwards, I met the Global Good Games team to see Gavin Newsom for his Citizenville book tour. (I had already purchased a copy and so has my team.) So we were all motivated to contribute our ideas to the challenge. He gave an example of how we could all pitch in to help improve the city. Why should citizens get so mad to gather and protest? We could increase engagement with technology and modernizing government systems to resolve issues before it becomes a social revolution. It’s time for this change. I am so happy Newsom is trying to break down this walls.

I would love to get a pair of the Google Glass early so my developer husband + techie group of friends could gather and brainstorm on the best way to improve our real world.

Please help us win by sharing this posting! Thanks!




Great World at BeMyApp Game Hackathon San Francisco #bmagamessf

The BeMyApp WorldCup hackathon is dedicated to innovative mobile games and will take place in Berlin, San Francisco and Paris simultaneously!

- Roughly 400 people came to the opening night in San Francisco, Berlin, and Paris
- Over 80 game ideas were pitched
- More than 30 projects were voted in and built over the course of the weekend in all three cities
- 3 finalists were nominated by a a panel of judges in each city

I pitched an social good video game idea called “Citizenville” to validate if it was worth pursuing. Citizenville is a community building simulated game developed to generate donations for REAL nonprofits. I had been toying around with the idea for a while now and finally had the courage to pitch it. I was inspired by a speech by Peter Thiel about true innovation or lack there of in the few decades. I fully agree with him because it seems like only a small percentage of these ideas are recycled and they aren’t inventing something new and revolutionary. They are making something new of something old. I want to change that but there’s a bigger picture…stay tuned.

There were 26 ideas pitched, I was selected. We then formed teams, which was chaotic but at least the event organizers had coded badges which helped. We teamed up with Lane Allen-deisgner, Tim Sexton-story teller, Will Mason-developer and Gael Buchy-developer to become Team “Great World.” We changed our name b/c I only quick through it together when I registered for the event and signed up for the pitch on a spur of the moment. We assumed Zygna bought it. (more in next blog)

We noticed that even though we had a lot of good feedback about the idea itself, it wasn’t the most sexy latest tech project that attracts engineers. Something to think about when developing the product in the long run. My strategy was “Dream Big, build small.” So that’s what we did. We attacked just the game element of my full idea. Given the skills and team composition, we had to work with everyone’s strength, divide and conquer….for 48 hours!

The event started Friday evening and final pitches were at 7pm on Sunday. Six teams pitched to three judges. We appreciated the feedback and the ability to fully crank out an idea or a MVP in 2 days. Developers took on the challenge from sponsors’ new tech products. Interesting to see the innovation that comes out of that! 3 out of 7 projects in HTML5. Who said HTML5 isn’t for gaming?

In addition to the game itself, we built a nice RESTful API back end which was used to manage users, game state, notifications, and of course payments. Payments were support by Stripe, which was simple and easy to use, Twilio handled SMS, which was easy as usual, and Amazon did transactional email and platform with EC2, SES, and Route 53.

We won the sponsors prize from the awesome folks from Ludei  – $500 in gift cards for the top game developed using the Ludei APIs. Face’MPoker - bringing video to mobile poker! Voting is open only until tomorrow morning PST and it’d be great to get your help http://worldcup.bemyapp.com/ A shout out to all great teams who took part of the hackathon, you guys all kicked ass - Think Like a Doctor, BayWheels, DrawBeyond, FlyFar, Dino2, Scuba Bowl and Great World. We hope that all of you will continue working on your game projects.

The best part about the event was the feedback that was received. I were given a message that my idea is worth pursing but on a much larger scale and now is the right time and there are interested stakeholders out there since my idea has the potential for far reaching global good. “Dream big and buckle up,” is all my mentor had to say.