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Celebrate Women, Life & Liberty

Yesterday, I went to participate in the 40th year celebration of women, life & liberty in San Francisco at the Justin Herman Square in San Francisco. My highlights were, the song and dance by Code Pink, the flash mob preview of the One Billion Rising, and the impromptu lunch with Evan Low, Mayor of Campbell. Low is also the youngest, openly gay mayor in the country…even younger then I am. After the rally, while at the swanky Slanted Door overlooking the pier, our party openly discussed if “vagina” was an appropriate word to use publicly being a public official. We all agreed its a medical term not to be ashamed of. Just don’t use the “P” or “C” word. The pro-abortion doctor and her 3-year-old daughter was with us as we chatted about sex. Yes, a very surreal San Francisco moment that I utterly enjoyed.

Celebrate Women, Life & Liberty (27 photos) these photos were shared with Celeste Fremon of WitnessLA, an award-winning journalist who was appalled at the lack of rallies in Los Angeles. See my photos on WitnessLA Monday.
After the women’s rally at Justin Herman Square, we marched down to Union Square to face-off with the anti-abortion rally. We exercised our 1st amendment rights to they point they couldn’t be heard even w/ their sound system. I quickly lost me voice as I shouted and chanted along. I was apparently vocal enough for megaphones to be handed to me by those with lower volumes. Needlessly to say, I have a megaphone headed my way courtesy of Amazon Prime via their mobile app. Yay for tech enabled impulse shopping! Now my voice will be heard even louder. I love protesting. I am joining Code Pink!!!

The flash mob was part of the One Billion Rising movement. Code Pink also sang of the Vday 2/14  where they are leading a dance across the Golden Gate Bridge at 10am. I will be there! Join me. Also, they have dance rehearsals prior to that. Yes, that’s the same day as the Women2.0 tech conference I had tickets to in the city. I guess I might have to make my appearance there in my pink tutu. That evening, there’s a protest and flash mob at City Hall. Yes, I will be there too!

One Billion Rising – I have been moved by this movement and finally found a way to participate. Being just one person I reached out to my international network and let everyone know. I signed up a few friends in different cities internationally. I am happy social media as enabled us to make our footprints and ripples felt throughout the world. Everyone, man and woman should stand up for this. My male friends will be buying tons of flowers to hand out individually to women at the protest so show they love and support for woman-kind.






Founders Showcase 2012 – International tech startup pitch competition

The Founder Showcase is a quarterly startup pitch and networking event that gathers over 300 top technology CEOs, investors, and seed-stage companies in Silicon Valley to hear talks from leading CEOs, and help launch a promising startup to greatness. The 11th Founder Showcase was Wednesday, July 25th at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus. Guests were treated to an entertaining Pitch Competition featuring 8 of the best seed-stage companies graduating from Founder Institutes globally; as well as talks by Kevin Rose (Founder of Digg, Venture Partner at Google Ventures), Aaron Levie (Co-Founder & CEO of Box), and Hiten Shah (CEO of KISSmetrics). Appetizers and drinks will also be served in a networking hall full of other hot startups demoing at the Demo Table Competition.

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Move over boys! Inspiring Googler women give advice to Girl Geeks @BayAreaGGD

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner sponsored by Google

The Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner has reached a true rockstar status in the community of women in the technology field. When the registration opened for the dinner it was instantly jammed like popular concert tickets. There were 250 geek girls registered for the event and 1200 on the waitlist. That goes to show the demand for organizations such as this to provide networking opportunities for females in the technology industry.  GGD was excited to be back Google because their first dinner was sponsored by Google in 2008.

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Stephen Covey – Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw – My Tech Detox adventure

Stephen Covey author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and a series of “7 Habits” books had just died today. These are the habits and attributes I aspire to. My favorite is Habit #7 – “Sharpen the Saw - Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle. It primarily emphasizes on exercise for physical renewal, prayer (mediation, yoga, etc.) and good reading for mental renewal. It also mentions service to the society for spiritual renewal.”  By chance, I was thinking about writing this blog about him this weekend as I left on my total tech detox weekend adventure to sharpen my saw. Living in the city, the urban stimulations has been great but it’s truly refreshing to completely unplug and unwind. I treated myself to a weekend free to my smartphone, 3G, Wifi and everything that comes along with it.

In the past decade computers and electronics have all sped up at a break neck speed. Whereas the human brain is progressing at normal rate. We need to be constantly upgrading every gadget or we will fall behind.  Everything is much more instantaneous, so our patience for life and everything in it has been shortened. A new study suggests individuals rely on mobile phones for mood regulation and maintaining relationships. As a society, we experience Phantom Ringing syndrome, we suffer from Ringexity, we feel alone even when are together and so on.

To counteract this sociaholic tech obsession I need a tech detox, enjoy exploring what the world has to offer. I love nature, camping, rockclimbing, hiking, snowboarding, etc. Of course, I recently upgraded to my first Digital SLR camera and now sharing photos on my website.  Here are some recent tech detox weekend trip photos of Yosemite National Park, Pinnacles National Monument, Courtright Reservoir, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Joshua Tree National Park, and other adventures. Sharpening your saw to renew your spirit is essential to living an effective life. Being Zen & meditating is practice by some of the greatest leaders and minds in the world today. Allowing your mind to rest as your renew your passion for life. Invigorating your body with stimulating endorphins is awakening its spirit with exercise will bring you endless joy. (No really, it could.)

Could you stop and take a moment? How long can you survive without your smartphone? I challenge you to discover this about yourself. Take the Tech Detox Challenge. How will you sharpen your saw?