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Top meetups for tech startup founders new to the bay area

There’s a ton of meetups in the Bay Area that would fit almost everyone. You just need to be clear on your networking goals. Whether personal or professional, meetup.com provides a great venue to meet like minded people in your community. In the Bay Area, tech has been and is the hot topic for many meetups. There’s a huge variation in interest groups and how they conduct their meetings and events. Most groups are free to join, many are free meetings, etiquette is to pay for your own drinks unless mentioned in the details, a few are pay as you attend special meetings & events, etc.

Here are some of my picks for tech startup founders, especially those new to the Bay Area and want to expand their professional network.

  • Funders & Founders – Monthly Life 3.0 events + other lectures, discussions,
  • Hackers & Founders  - weekly meetings in various locations of informational session, hackathons, happy hours, networking opportunities and weekly networking lunches with others in the tech community. Prepay 1 week in advance and sign up for the emails to get invited weekly as the locations do change. For more info:
  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Startups – one of the largest meetups in the Bay Area. They hold a variety of events including information sessions, demo days, bootcamps, co-founder networking and the happy hour is definitely highly recommended.
  • SF Jump Start Days – $15 The JumpStartDays program provides feedback, mentoring, and resources from angel investors to seed stage pre-funded, pre-revenue technology startups. http://www.meetup.com/jumpstartdays/
  • The Silicon Valley iOS Developer’s Meetup 
  • SF Statup Idea-to-IPO
  • Just for the ladies – Women2.0, Girls in Tech, Geek Girls Dinners, and plenty more.

Funders & Founders

800 Birds – Seed Funding Tips, Traps & Jumps

It’s highly recommended that tech startup founders join 800 Birds, especially if one has interest in gaming. 800 Birds, previously known as ERT (Entrepreneurs RoundTable), an organically grown and over 1000 members strong startup/geek community.  Shirley Lin is the organizer of 800 Birds. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and a super networker in the SF startup community connecting one to a very valuable network. 800 Birds meetings are filled geeks, founders, industry leaders, investors, angels and many more. In the first meeting alone, I met one of each listed.

Here’s the event details: We have a VC and serial entrepreneur,  a seasoned corporate VC, a young startup founder and a legal expert on board to look into every aspect involved in the practice of seeking your seed round.  Your first seed round is the hardest to push through.  Learn the tips, traps and the jumps that can help you avoid making lot of mistakes.

Our speakers on the deck:
:: Jim Li,  one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the Valley, a Venture Partner at Emergence Capital.  Geek at his heart, entrepreneurship in his blood, an MIT grad, Jim founded Halloo Communications, Flying Packets Communications, Whistle Communications, Tribe Computer Works, and Mytek with serial successful exits.
:: Thorsten Claus, Investment Managergr at T-Ventures of Amerca.  Thorsten has deep expertise in corporate investment, founded FundStorm, worked at Deutch Telecom.  Also a great friend to 800 Birds founder community.

On the deck, we also have:
::Justin Hovey, Partner at Pillsbury Law Firm, and long time staunch supporter for our startup community, can give you all the legal tips and traps when you are out seeking your first round with your co-founders or lack of.
:: Dan Dascalescu, co-founder/CIO, BlueSeed, a project backed by Peter Thiel to build the largest coworking space and startup incubator on a ship anchored 30 minutes from the coast of Silicon Valley. Located in international waters, it allows entrepreneurs from around the world to start/scale their ventures without the need for US work visa, while traveling to the mainland using easier to obtain business/tourist visas.  Dan is an ex-Yahoo! s/w engineer and co-author and translate a number of  IT books.