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What @projectglass could do for the #Citizenville Challenge – #ifihadglass to improve engagement and government functions

#ifihadglass I would develop an app to record+proximity report municipal complaints, crimes, concerns to go to the City for #Citizenville Challenge. Increase citizen engagement, improve safety & more timely resolutions.

Global Good Games would develop -  “MuniReports” or “Report2City”

  • Google has Streetview + Google Glass could record images and videos = Use app to do an accurate proximity report for municipal complaints, crimes, concerns
  • Govt to use app to triage resources to increase citizen engagement, improve safety & more timely resolutions.
  • Social – connect with proximity neighbors to petition for repairs or problem resolution. increase neighbor community interaction.
  • We could make it a game – gamify reality by acknowledging citizens that actively report valid issues that gets resolved could accrue points. Acknowledge publicly to increase intrinsic rewards for engaged citizens and neighborhoods. Increase neighborhood pride.

Here’s what inspired the idea. I love it when the stars align so perfectly.  Yesterday, Rebuilding Together San Francisco + meeting Mayor Ed Lee + Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom = move forward with Global Good Games! This goes perfectly for the gaming platform crowdfunding donations for the benefit of NGO’s… business plan we are working on.

Yesterday started off at a breakfast fundraiser “Then and Now” for Rebuilding Together San Francisco at WeWork. We discussed San Francisco rich cultural history and the demographic and ethnic change over the decades. Interesting to hear the reasons why. We looked at the current and future issues we are facing. Here are some highlights

  • Affordable housing and increasing demand with aging population but problematic given development and current market prices.
  • Never thought of it that way. Rent control increasing age discrimination. Landlords want younger tenants for higher turnover to be able to increase rent.
  • Single family homes are not the future for San Francisco. But we’d still have to grow 5x to be like NYC. Hmm, should we all look forward to 200 sq ft apartments?
  • “Affordable home ownership is a fraud” because it’s like winning the lotto for a flipper. Because “younger generation will figure things would figure things out.”

I was lucky enough to meet Mayor Ed Lee at the The Official City & County of San Francisco’s Lunar New Year Celebration 2013 at City Hall. He spoke about our changing demographic and ethnic diversity that makes each citizen an excellent contribution to this great city. He emphasized how we as citizens need to be more engaged with our city.

Afterwards, I met the Global Good Games team to see Gavin Newsom for his Citizenville book tour. (I had already purchased a copy and so has my team.) So we were all motivated to contribute our ideas to the challenge. He gave an example of how we could all pitch in to help improve the city. Why should citizens get so mad to gather and protest? We could increase engagement with technology and modernizing government systems to resolve issues before it becomes a social revolution. It’s time for this change. I am so happy Newsom is trying to break down this walls.

I would love to get a pair of the Google Glass early so my developer husband + techie group of friends could gather and brainstorm on the best way to improve our real world.

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