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My vision for women in tech

Recently sat down with a girlfriend who quit her job from Yahoo and decided to follow her passion to be a life coach. Today, she just finished going back to school and started her own business. So, I decided to make a vision board of what I wanted from my future. It’s been a few years since I stopped dreaming big…really big. This time I”m being less of an artist and more of a geek. Instead of creating a vision board table, I’m making this on Pinterest. I dare to reach for the stars, I dare to dream. I am at a place in my life where I truly feel nothing is impossible. Everything we go through is a step towards where we are meant to be. Don’t be afraid and envision what you want out of your life.

Already things are starting to shape up. First, I put up Oprah, I wanted to meet her live! So I pinned and image of her. In hunting for the image I decided to go onto her webpage. I poked around and voila! I found she had the “O You!” Conference at the LA Convention Center on October 20th when I was already planning on being in town. Coincidence or destiny?

I’ve been obsessively sharing Sheryl Sanberg’s Ted Video: Why we have too few women leaders, with anyone that could read or discuss it with me.  At work, I reviewing admissions at the tech accelerator but noticed a sad trend in the number of applicants that were female. Given that for the first time the graduating class in the Silicon Valley is graduating 50% women, I was hoping that there would be a higher representation in the applicants. So I stuck Sheryl Sanberg on my board. I will meet her one day, if I’m lucky, I get to work with her! I appreciate that she is building her name and reputation on female empowerment in the workforce and trying to start a cultural change to allow men to contribute more at home.

Luckily, my male boss says we have access to a number of high-caliber female mentors locally to boost women in the community. Third on my vision board is my brainchild – similar to Oprah’s Lifeclass, I envision a fireside chat with the female leaders and executives in the Silicon Valley mentoring women entrepreneurs internationally. Not only do we start a dialogue but an action plan about what we could do change this industry. The ripple has already started now how do we ride the wave? I’m envisioning that world now but I also hope to help shape it, there’s plenty of space on my vision board.