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Great World at BeMyApp Game Hackathon San Francisco #bmagamessf

The BeMyApp WorldCup hackathon is dedicated to innovative mobile games and will take place in Berlin, San Francisco and Paris simultaneously!

- Roughly 400 people came to the opening night in San Francisco, Berlin, and Paris
- Over 80 game ideas were pitched
- More than 30 projects were voted in and built over the course of the weekend in all three cities
- 3 finalists were nominated by a a panel of judges in each city

I pitched an social good video game idea called “Citizenville” to validate if it was worth pursuing. Citizenville is a community building simulated game developed to generate donations for REAL nonprofits. I had been toying around with the idea for a while now and finally had the courage to pitch it. I was inspired by a speech by Peter Thiel about true innovation or lack there of in the few decades. I fully agree with him because it seems like only a small percentage of these ideas are recycled and they aren’t inventing something new and revolutionary. They are making something new of something old. I want to change that but there’s a bigger picture…stay tuned.

There were 26 ideas pitched, I was selected. We then formed teams, which was chaotic but at least the event organizers had coded badges which helped. We teamed up with Lane Allen-deisgner, Tim Sexton-story teller, Will Mason-developer and Gael Buchy-developer to become Team “Great World.” We changed our name b/c I only quick through it together when I registered for the event and signed up for the pitch on a spur of the moment. We assumed Zygna bought it. (more in next blog)

We noticed that even though we had a lot of good feedback about the idea itself, it wasn’t the most sexy latest tech project that attracts engineers. Something to think about when developing the product in the long run. My strategy was “Dream Big, build small.” So that’s what we did. We attacked just the game element of my full idea. Given the skills and team composition, we had to work with everyone’s strength, divide and conquer….for 48 hours!

The event started Friday evening and final pitches were at 7pm on Sunday. Six teams pitched to three judges. We appreciated the feedback and the ability to fully crank out an idea or a MVP in 2 days. Developers took on the challenge from sponsors’ new tech products. Interesting to see the innovation that comes out of that! 3 out of 7 projects in HTML5. Who said HTML5 isn’t for gaming?

In addition to the game itself, we built a nice RESTful API back end which was used to manage users, game state, notifications, and of course payments. Payments were support by Stripe, which was simple and easy to use, Twilio handled SMS, which was easy as usual, and Amazon did transactional email and platform with EC2, SES, and Route 53.

We won the sponsors prize from the awesome folks from Ludei  – $500 in gift cards for the top game developed using the Ludei APIs. Face’MPoker - bringing video to mobile poker! Voting is open only until tomorrow morning PST and it’d be great to get your help http://worldcup.bemyapp.com/ A shout out to all great teams who took part of the hackathon, you guys all kicked ass - Think Like a Doctor, BayWheels, DrawBeyond, FlyFar, Dino2, Scuba Bowl and Great World. We hope that all of you will continue working on your game projects.

The best part about the event was the feedback that was received. I were given a message that my idea is worth pursing but on a much larger scale and now is the right time and there are interested stakeholders out there since my idea has the potential for far reaching global good. “Dream big and buckle up,” is all my mentor had to say.


Busted Foundation highlights

Busted Foundation had a great 2012. Last year, my focus our focus was as a board member was to help build he board for sustainability, streamlining operations and increasing our social media presence. I wanted to share some highlights with you.

  • In 2012, we became Great Nonprofits Top Rated, doubled Facebook following, tripled Twitter following, leading to the highest attendance at the annual fundraising event to collect the most donations in eight years.
  • Accepted to Google, Youtube, Linkedin’s non-profit programs.
  • Added new Advisory board member, Dr. Travis Kidner, surgical oncologist in Rox Center in Beverly Hills.
  • Added guest blogger Mia Curtiss to the teams.

With all the strategies learned and utilized in 2012, I’m taking on more responsibility and taking on the Director of Development role within the organization. We’re all hoping to double what we done last year as we prepare for our 10 year anniversary next year. We cultivating stronger relationships with the community and formulating “breast practices” we hope build a solid core group of supporters while we continue to grow into more cities.

VIDEO: Busted Foundation’s 8th Annual Bowling for Boobies 2012 – Breast Cancer charity event

Check out Bowling for Boobies 2012 promo video produced by our Horror Starlet team. This will be their 4th year supporting us. Please help us spread the word. This year’s Bowling for Boobies, Busted Foundation signature annual event is a non-profit organization that financially supports local women who are currently being treated for breast cancer.

Thanks Allison Kyler, Ashlyn Yennie, Brooke Lewis, Carlee Baker, Cerina Vincent, Kristina Klebe & Natalie Victoria for your continued support!

Help us by making a donation today. You will be surprised at how far $25 or $50 could do. Thanks!!!

Charity’s Best Practices – Busted Foundation – Mailchimp, Google Hangout, Google Drive, Social Media

For many years, Busted Foundation was a one-woman-show with one main event. So Stephanie LaHart, the founder of Busted Foundation, decided to form a Board of Directors composed of her most loyal volunteers. I am on the Board of Director for Busted Foundation where I am responsible for the marketing strategy, including all their social media and community outreach. The Board decided to streamline all our tech practices.

We started a monthly newsletter to update our supports and volunteers on any news. We selected Mailchimp because of their user-friendly interface, their integration with our main online fundraiser, Stay Classy, and design templates. The first issue was a challenge since we had 3 separate mailing lists from our 3 cities, which needed to be consolidated. Stephanie and I had multiple skype chats and webinars to get this up and running. We just did it wrong to start…then decided to follow instruction. Hmm, don’t know why we thought that was a good idea. Oh well, we live and learn…. so now we know what not to do.

Since several of some board members are not in Los Angeles, Skype video conference was the way to go. Just recently, we decided to give Google Hangouts a chance because they have a free multi-party video conferencing, which on Skype each person would need to upgrade to premium. Coincidentally, I was already scheduled to go attend a special non-profit community outreach training at the Google-San Francisco office.

To get setup Hangout you will need to upload their software,

  1. Add your group members to your Google+ circle,
  2. Create the meeting,
  3. Invite your friends to attend the hangout. Join.

Hangout has similar perks of Skype, for me the most important is the screen sharing. They have some goofy ‘effects’ which are hilarious time killers. The head/motion detection technology is very innovative. Definitely fun for long distance dating but not for professional meetings. I enjoyed having a 1/3 bar with text intro, makes me feel this a newscaster since it displays my name and title which we found useful. Being able to see our shared Google Docs (now Google Drive) in the same window, makes it very efficient. Drive is like Google Docs meets Dropbox. This is very useful for our organization since we share a variety of documents and use a variety of devices to access our data.

I decided to set-up Busted Foundation with its own Twitter handle @BustedFd because we were using @Bowling4Boobies, which was our main event, but is now only one of our events. George Ludwig of 6Builder allowed me to be one of his beta testers for this product. 6Builder aggregates Twitter articles and sources into a consolidated list based on keywords; where the user just needs spend a few minutes to curate the articles. The system automatically posts the articles with links at random times after your approve your selections. The system also determines who to follow and unfollow.  The end result is less time spent on researching and curating content for our social media sources, increased followers with more meaningful interactions. In the 3 months I have been using this, there’s been a 10x increase in our followers on @BustedFd which also lead to increased Facebook followers. 6Builder is still in bootstrap development mode but I feel this definitely has big potential.


Google is lending a helping hand to non-profits

Google San Francisco Office

Google rolled out a new community outreach program for non-profit organization which I was honored to be invited to attend because I’m on the board of directors for a breast cancer charity, Busted Foundation.  This was especially appreciated by the community because the limited resources challenging many non-profit organizations.

Google apps offer a wide variety of products to make work and life much more efficient. They update so often that it was nice to get a bit of handholding. First we were divided up and participated in a session where we learned about the different Google apps, marketing, advertising opportunities, Google grants, etc. Afterwards, we were assigned to have a private session with a Google developer.

I bombarded by my developer with plenty of questions about Google Hangout, Events & Drive. My developer was very proficient with Google products but was a different development team so wasn’t an expert. He was very friendly, responsive and helped me convert my board meetings to Google Hangout.

This is excellent that Google is doing more community outreach like this to empower users to use and optimize Google products. It increases brand loyalty and improves community reputation. Good job and thanks for the nice lunch.

Busted Foundation – Event, Auction & Fundraiser this weekend!

Spring Fundraiser

Sunday is the last day of the fundraiser. We are only 61% to our goal. Help us today! $50 goes a long way, especially with the matching opportunity offered by Will & Christine Mason.

BUSTED FOUNDATION offers financial assistance and educational resources to local women that are currently being treated for breast cancer.

“Heart” Concert with Meet & Greet w/ Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson!

Charity auction ends this sunday- Bid now on 2 tickets to see this iconic band live in concert + meet them backstage. You + a guest will be able to come back stage & take your photo w/ Ann and Nancy Wilson and have one item signed.

Bust in the Vault

This Sunday, July 1, you are invited join us for “Bust in the Vault.” The event will include giveaways, fitness demonstrations, food trucks, vendors, entertainment and a surprise 2 person team WOD (workout of the day). Catch our piece on KIIS-FM.
Proceeds supports BustedFoundation

Busted Foundation – Spring Fundraiser

It is time to Bust out of this Winter cell and get sprung into Spring with our first annual fundraiser!  

Here is the escape plan….we ask our friends, family, co-workers, dry cleaners, friendly guy at the gas station and of course our bosses to help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000 by midnight of June 30th!

We were able to answer the call and help over 100 women last year through our events and fundraising drives. This year we aim to double that number and continue spreading our message to women in need that we have heard them and we are here to help.

Read some of the stories from the women we have helped.


You are the reason we have been able to give out over $300,000 in financial grants to women battling breast cancer. 

A thank you note from one of the women we have helped:

I am the very grateful recipient of a financial grant from you and your supporters.

The day the Busted Foundation check came in the mail I was wondering how I was going to put food on the table until my disability check arrived.  The timing was unbelievable and the amount was much more than I hoped.  I have been speechless for days.

You have certainly made my life a little easier as I continue treatments and recovery.  Thank you all.

Most sincerely,
Terry P., age 56