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Team Safe Activist at DeveloperWeek Hackathon – Conference & Festival 2013 San Francisco

The DeveloperWeek Conference & Festival 2013, February 1-7, 2013, combines a 3-day hackathon (Feb. 1-3), 3-day educational conference (Feb. 4-6), technology-specific app development contests, developer tech exhibitors, 1-day app pitch day (Feb. 7), with keynote talks from the top engineers across app development, data science, and mobile deployment.

The DeveloperWeek API+Mashups Hackathon is a 43-hour app-building contest in downtown San Francisco from Friday February 1st until Sunday February 3rd – and is also the official kick-off of DeveloperWeek 2013! The purpose of the hackathon is to give developers, designers, and entrepreneurs the chance to pitch app ideas – form teams – build a prototype of their app – and present to the hackathon judges for a chance to be one of the top 5 hackathon winners who get “incubated” during DeveloperWeek.

There were 27 projects. You can build any app you want to – however you get ‘extra points’ from the judges if your app integrates an external API. That can be anything from google maps or twitter OAuth to one of the sponsor’s API’s!

I’m proud of Will Mason, Senior Software Engineer at Twilio and Jimmy Duong, Art Director/Graphic Designer for their first hackathon. They had a great time learning as they joined up with Marjorie Green, Jamie Nadle and Gabriel Adauto to become Team Safe Activist. During the hackathon, they developed a mobile donation app that vets nonprofit organizations. Each were assigned each a specialty to focus on and all went at it. Jamie and Marjorie are both from Cisco and received the PayPal scholarship that included $500 to pursue their idea, which they plan to do. I didn’t join the hackathon but provided the nonprofit industry info and plan to help them in the future to see this product go through.

Prizes include..
-PayPal: PayPal will offer the top (5) teams $10,000 in waived transaction fees, totaling $50k
-Mashape: $100 x 5 teams
-New Relic: New Relic Certificates offering a year of New Relic free at the Pro level (a $1788 value)

…and more!

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The event is held at Stackmob HQ but shortly before the event started, organizers alerted participants of the option to stay all night at Citizen Space. Which disrupts the flow of the participants. When they arrived they were told of that Friday night was not an all-nighter either. By 7:55 pm the Hackathon already ran out of beer.  Tag Huddle was an option to follow the event as it was being sent out. #dw13hack I am glad that with their last-minute changes, Shirley Lin of 800 Birds was added to the judging panel. That’s great to have Asian female representation. If the females in tech are a small community, the Asian girls is a smaller population.

Go to the DeveloperWeek Hackathon Site.

Or get info on DeveloperWeek 2013 Conference.

DeveloperWeek is unlike any other SF hackathon because the top 5 hackathon winners will get 4 days of coaching, technology products, and cash to help ‘incubate’ their app into a viable startup company by the Wednesday of DeveloperWeek. These 5 hackathon winners then compete again on-stage on Wednesday February 6th of DeveloperWeek so our community can help launch your startup!

Win a Hackathon tips:

  • Prepare ahead of time – any supplies you might need, like charges, extension cords, etc.
  • Brainstorm ahead of time given hints and rules – think about the sponsors and what they might already provide. Nice perk, judges like that.
  • Recruit members online – other teams will also know you idea.
  • Dream big, build small and think positively

Sponsor Prizes include:

  1. iRise is a software and services company that provides a platform and a process to help turn your idea into a highly interactive prototype in just hours. You’ll then be able to use this to rapidly iterate and validate your idea with potential customers and even investors…all without writing a single line of code. To the team that has the most compelling business solution that they would like to bring “to life,” iRise will award our software, our coaching to create and present the visualization of your application, and a $500 cash reward. Applications that focus on a user interface (mobile, web or desktop) are best suited. Visit us at for more information.
  2. D&B will award $1000 to the developer who proposes the best application of the D&B API in the sales, marketing, web, mobile, or supply chain use cases. Possible ideas could be data mashups with stock prices, trending news, or business reviews. D&B Direct is an API web services platform which enables easy integration of D&B’s world-leading database of over 210M companies, 100M contacts, financial information, company profiles, Hoover’s industry research and more, and combines it with external data like social media and news, to deliver real-time intelligence into any application, such as CRM systems, corporate intranets and webforms, and supply chain management systems. D&B Direct API Examples of use cases built with the D&B Direct API can be found at:, and we encourage any of your application ideas. You may register at and our API is free for trial: For more information, please visit: We look forward to seeing your ideas! Best of luck!
  3. Pearson will award $500 to the developer who proposes the top app idea built on top of Pearson’s technology. We recommend finding creative ways to deeply integrate into Pearson’s technology!

A few topics covered at DeveloperWeek 2013:

> Javascript-centric App Development
> Convention versus Configuration
> Building Real-Time Data Apps
> Agile Development with User-Driven Testing
> Developer-Centric The Rise of Hackatons and Developer Evangelism

2013 Theme: The Art of the App

The theme of DeveloperWeek 2013 is The Art of the App. What database language, coding language and framework, development platform, API or mashup, UX / UI philosophy is the best strategy for my app development?

In the 43 hour schedule includes:

6:00 PM // Doors Open + Dinner
7:00 PM // Sponsor Talks
7:30 PM // Pitches Start
8:00 PM // Find Teams + Networking
10:00 PM // Doors Close
10:00 AM // Doors Open
11:00 AM // Second Round Pitches Start
11:30 AM // Sponsor Talks
12:00 PM // Lunch
1:00 – 5:00 PM // Sponsor breakout sessions + Technical Coaching
3:00 PM // Sponsor breakout sessions + Business coaching
4:00 PM // Rehearsal pitches to advisors
6:00 PM // Doors close
10:00 AM // Doors Open
11:00 AM //Lunch
11:30 PM // Judging
12:30 PM //Winners announced, sponsor talks
1:30 PM //Doors Close