Busted Foundation highlights

Busted Foundation had a great 2012. Last year, my focus our focus was as a board member was to help build he board for sustainability, streamlining operations and increasing our social media presence. I wanted to share some highlights with you.

  • In 2012, we became Great Nonprofits Top Rated, doubled Facebook following, tripled Twitter following, leading to the highest attendance at the annual fundraising event to collect the most donations in eight years.
  • Accepted to Google, Youtube, Linkedin’s non-profit programs.
  • Added new Advisory board member, Dr. Travis Kidner, surgical oncologist in Rox Center in Beverly Hills.
  • Added guest blogger Mia Curtiss to the teams.

With all the strategies learned and utilized in 2012, I’m taking on more responsibility and taking on the Director of Development role within the organization. We’re all hoping to double what we done last year as we prepare for our 10 year anniversary next year. We cultivating stronger relationships with the community and formulating “breast practices” we hope build a solid core group of supporters while we continue to grow into more cities.