Mashable’s 3rd Annual Social Medial Day – San Francisco

It was a full house at The Box SF for Mashable‘s third-annual Social Media Day celebration in San Francisco on Saturday, June 30, 2012. The sold-out event featured networking, dancing, gadgets and, most importantly, commemorating the importance of social media in the world today.

I noticed three things. First thing I noticed, cool party. Second thing I noticed, lots of girls…at a tech party. Why? It’s just another reason to gather, drink, eat & tweet.

Mashable does know how to throw and nice Saturday happy hour complete with 2 open bars, house music, bad ass female DJ’s dreadlocks DJ duo A Plus D — a.k.a. Adrian and Mysterious D, photobooth, large spread of hors d’oeurves…and plenty of female attendees.

My male buddies needed to know what brought the women? These tech networking events are usually a sausage fest. Is it because it’s social media and marketing? No. After a quick survey the mystery was solved…  plenty of girls were there hoping to catch a glimpse of Mashable’s attractive founder, Pete Cashmore.

Pete Cashmore, the hunky founder of Mashable was part of the “30 under 30″,”Top 25 Web Celebs”, “Top 10 Game Changers 2009.” He writes a weekly column on technology and social media at CNN. In 2012, Cashmore made Time magazine‘s list of the “100 most influential people” …and he rocks and awesome accent (awww….swoon!) With an impressive resume like that, both men and women were there to meet the man. But to no avail, sorry ladies and gentlemen, Social Media Day was being held in multiple locations on the same day, he was not in San Francisco.

Third notice, that at this party more than other parties, the cultural behavior has shifted to being more accepting of using one’s smartphone while “hanging out” with someone. At this party, there was a projector with live feeds of the tweets regarding #SMday. So everyone was tweeting hoping to see their post. Circles of people would be made of little monsters tweeting away about what a great time they are having with their “friends.” Here’s a Instagram of us shot of us proof. We all agreed, here it’s acceptable, anywhere else you would be a dork….that temporarily relieved us of the guilt of ignoring our friends. But networking was accomplished somehow. For more info click here.